Thomas Pilcher is an artist and musician from Kent. Focusing on installation, video and mixed media, his work explores narratives of memory and place, aiming to create environments which disrupt and displace the distinction between indexes of time.

In 2014 Thomas graduated from the University of Kent with a first class honours in Fine Art. He currently works as a graphic designer.



Thomas is also a freelance graphic designer. Since 2010 he has been working with several local businesses to produce print, digital and web designs.

To enquire about freelance graphic design, please use the contact form below or email



2019  'Under My Skin' (2018), Fishslab Gallery, Whistable, UK
2014  'Time Machine’ (2014), Pop Creative Space, Rochester, UK

2014  'Time Machine’ (2014), 51 Zero Festival, Rochester, UK

2014  ‘Degeneration’ (2013), Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK

2014  ‘The Fourth Dimension’ (2014), Chatham Historic Dockyard, UK
2013  ‘Somewhere in Between’ (2013), Rochester, UK

2013  ‘Degenerate’ (2013), Historic Dockyard Chatham, UK

2013  'Twice in the Same River’ (2013), Sun Pier House, Chatham, UK



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